Scholars Wiki

What is the W3b Scholars?

The W3b Scholars is a scholarship DAO. Each Scholar NFT equals an entry and a vote in the DAO. Holders can submit a body of work, which will then be voted on by the DAO. The top 5 highest voted submissions win Ethereum. Voting will take place on

1st place: 0.75 ETH
2nd place: 0.45 ETH
3rd place: 0.30 ETH

What is a body of work?

A body of work is anything you have created and consider finished. This could be an entire portfolio, a poem, a Tik-Tok video, a movie, or anything in-between. There are no parameters to the length, format, or type of submission. All that matters is that it was created by you. Application submissions will open post-mint.

Who is on the team?

How will mint work?

Our mint will take place on 8/20/22. In our 7777 piece collection, there are 2827 free mints and 4950 public mints. For each of the Holder's Projects that you hold, you will receive a free mint. Additionally, if you have a Dean's List membership or the OG Scholar role, you will mint for free.

Public mint is 0.01 ETH.

What is the Dean's List?

The Dean's List is our form of a white list. All Dean's List members will mint for free. The Dean's List also has access to exclusive giveaways and has a higher daily income in the Scholars Casino. Dean's List memberships can be won in our Discord casino, through our collaborations, or through our giveaways.

Why should I mint a Scholar?

By minting a Scholar, you are helping to support the next generation of Web 3 innovators. You also gain the ability to submit your body of work and potentially win a Scholarship. Additionally, you will automatically be entered to win an Alien Frens on the day of mint, and will have access to the Scholars Casino which routinely has blue-chip NFTs in the prize booth. Our alpha calls & analysis will also change to holder's only post-mint. Owning a Scholar also means you will become a part of the Alumni Network, which will be built out as the ultimate education & job finding resource in Web 3. Lastly, if you hold your Scholar you will be part of the redistribution of secondary sales, which is explained in detail below.

Oh, and the art is pretty cool too.

Why should I hold a Scholar?

As mentioned above, holding a Scholar gives you access to the DAO, Scholars Casino prize booth, exclusive giveaways, The Alumni Network, and secondary sale redistribution.

How will redistribution work?

25% of the total secondary sales will be redistributed amongst our holders. This redistribution could come in various forms depending on how our community votes. After mint, more information surrounding redistributions will be added to the Scholar Holders section of our Discord.

What if I mint from a separate wallet?

If you are uncomfortable minting from your main wallet, but hold 1 or multiple of the Holder's Projects, you can submit a ticket on our Discord and we will help you verify your holdings. Once we have verified what you hold, we will add you to the Dean's List prior to mint. With this method, you will only be able to mint 1 free Scholar.

How will the funds be allocated?

Here is a breakdown of how the mint proceeds will be allocated:

Community wallet. This will be used for giveaways, marketing ideas and pieces for our Scholars Casino prize booth.

1/1 Bounties: Anyone who mints a 1/1 Scholar will receive a bounty in Ethereum.

Scholarship funds.

Team. Our team has been working tirelessly for months to build this project. These funds will reward them for their hard work

What is the Scholar's Casino?

Our Discord casino where coins can be exchanged for real NFTs. Our members collect coins by being active in the community and can play various casino games in our server. The coins themselves are worthless outside of the Discord server, but within our server they can be exchanged for NFTs like Feline Fiends, Space Riders, Alien Frens Evolution, Cryptomories, and much more.

How many pieces are in the collection?

We are a 7777 piece collection that includes 18 1/1's.

How do I submit an application?

Applications can be submitted through our submissions portal which will open post-mint.

How is the DAO structured?

Our DAO will function on

Members will be able to vote on application submissions, decide on how the community wallet is used, and submit proposals.

What does the future hold?

The future is bright.The Scholarships are phase 1 of the W3b Scholars journey. Our goal is to create a platform that will both showcase talent of W3b 3, while also creating an incubator for education and innovation. The space we are operating in is extraordinarily young, which is why we feel a responsibility to build a lasting system that can be a healthy onboard for the non-familiar. Over the course of the next year, we will be building out The Alumni Network.In a similar fashion to our scholarship process, holders will be able to submit various tasks/jobs/opportunities and find credible applicants. Holders will also be able to workshop their own projects and submit proposals for funding.