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Welcome to


a Scholarship DAO

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Dean's List Mints
OG Scholars Mints
Holder's Project Mints

Dean's List Mint

We have allocated 250 of our Scholars to our founding friends on Discord.

OG Scholar Mint

Any supporter of the original Scholars collection, mints two for free.

Holder's Project Mint

We have allocated 2500 free mints for our collaboration projects. Each project has 250 free mints available.
  • Cryptomories
  • The Long Lost
  • Baby Ducky
  • Space Riders
  • Feline Fiendz
  • Alien Frens
  • Space Boo
  • Fishy Fam
  • Girlies NFT
  • Uncanny Country Club
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Public Mint

276 / 7,777
Scholars Minted
0.02 ETH
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What do we do?

The W3B Scholars support education in Web 3 by providing talented individuals with funds to pursue their passions.

Our 7777 piece NFT collection serves as both an entry and a vote for our Scholarship DAO.

Holders may submit their body of work, which will then be put to a vote on Submissions with the highest number of votes will receive a scholarship.

1 NFT = 1 VOTE
Submit your applications

The submissions with the most votes
will receive the scholarships
2 Scholarship cycles (Spring, Fall)
$150,000 given out each cycle to 10 recipients
• 1 recipient — $50,000
• 2 recipients — $25,000
• 3 recipients — $10,000
• 4 recipients — $5,000

The W3b Scholarship #2

1st Place: 0.75 ETH
2nd Place: 0.45 ETH
3rd Place: 0.30 ETH

The submissions with the most votes
will receive the scholarships
2 Scholarship cycles (Spring, Fall)
$150,000 given out each cycle to 10 recipients
• 1 recipient — $50,000
• 2 recipients — $25,000
• 3 recipients — $10,000
• 4 recipients — $5,000

Mint Proceeds


If you hold any of the listed projects, you will receive 1 free mint per project. There are 250 free mints available per project.  

1. Cryptomories
2. Alien Frens
3. Space Boo
4. Fishy Fam
5. Baby Ducky NFT
6. Long Lost
7. Girlies NFT
8. Space Riders
9. Feline Fiendz
10. The Uncanny Country Club

Our smart contract will automatically identify which projects you hold, and allow you to claim your free mints. Paid mints will cost .01 ETH.

The Vision

Whitelist mint access will take place 1 hour prior to public mint. 10,000 pieces will be available. Upon the completion of the mint, or 1 month after the mint has become available, our application submission portal will open.

The Alumni Network will provide resources for those who have participated in W3B SCHOLARS, whether as a holder or scholarship recipient. It will be a space to share job opportunities, mentorship, & potential career paths. In similar fashion to our scholarship process, holders will be able to submit various tasks/jobs/opportunities and find credible applicants. This will also be a space in which holders can workshop their projects, and potentially find future team members. In addition, we will be inviting influential figures in the NFT space to participate in AMA's.

Crowd-Sourced Decision Making

Avoiding the typical parameters of the application process, the DAO will vote as a group on each body of work that is submitted.

Applicant submits body of work.

DAO votes.

5 submissions with highest percentage of yes votes
are awarded scholarships.

Winning submissions will be transferred their
scholarship funds in Ethereum.

Interested in Applying?

Visit our Application Portal. Please fill in all required fields.

Application Portal

Coming Soon

Rarities will reveal during minting. Rarities may not be fully accurate until the completion of the mint.